Unit 105

The unit was home of a successful hair salon for over 15 years.  The layout is for a salon but with some minor improvements it can be retrofited to any type of business.  It has a single bathroom and small room in the back for storage or office.

Separate electrical and gas meters.  Well water and septic syste.

Square Footage: 1,963.2
Base Rental Rate: $13.50
Est. CAM Charge: $3.50
Gross Annual Rent: $33,374.4
Gross Monthly Rent: $2,781.20

  • Floor Plan

  • Front door

  • Front area

  • Front area

  • Sink area

  • Back area with sink area in the back

  • Back wall

  • Open floor space

  • Bathroom

  • Back hallway

  • Small side room for either storage area or office.

  • Back area

  • Back area

  • Back area

  • Back area
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